The 100% breathable, 100% dry fabric

What is it?

Dermodry® is the technical fabric developed by the Grupo Morón that accelerates the process of moisture absorption, keeping skin dry.

Manufactured with Coolmax® thread, moisture is continuously transferred to the outside and does not return to the skin in any case, which gives the user a nice, comfortable feeling.

Dermodry® is now much more resistant and increases the application possibilities of this fabric.

The 100% breathable, 100% dry fabric
The 100% breathable, 100% dry fabric

Benefits offered

  • Made with Coolmax®.
  • Moisture control. Quick drying.
  • Lowers skin temperature.
  • Decreases cardiac risk.
  • Soft, light and breathable.
  • 100% absorbent.

Why choose it?

1Because it is by the Grupo Morón. It has a manufacturer's warranty and can rely on all its business clout.
2Because you can apply a wide variety of treatments. In this way, the fabric’s properties can be complimented with fragrances such as eucalyptus or aloe vera with healing properties.
3Because you can choose the colour. The technical capabilities of this fabric are not at odds with the design. Wide range of colours available.
4Because it is effective. The results of the test in independent laboratories guarantee the technical qualities of the technical fabric under the most demanding tests. Thus, compliance with the standards and its quality are guaranteed.


  • UNE-EN ISO 20345:2012 (Personal protective equipment. Safety footwear).
  • UNE-EN ISO 20346:2014 (Personal protective equipment. Protective footwear) .
  • UNE-EN ISO 20347:2013 (Personal protective equipment. Work footwear).


You can find the Dermodry® membrane applied to a wide variety of products in the following sectors:

  • Safety.
  • Health.
  • Orthopaedics.
  • Fashion.
  • Recreation.

Recommended treatments

This product can receive several of our treatments, depending on each sector’s requirements.

See complete list of Treatments.


The 100% breathable, 100% dry fabric