The anti-perforation textile insole. Maximum protection and zero perforations

What are they?

If you need to ensure that nothing can get through the soles of your shoes, you can rely on the onProtector® series, anti-perforation textile insoles developed by the Grupo Morón.

More resistant than steel, lighter, more flexible, breathable and safer, even with small diameter studs, onProtector® is the only legally recognized global brand that complies with all anti-perforation regulations.

Benefits offered

Replacing the steel insole, traditionally used for the manufacture of safety shoes, onProtector® presents first-rate innovation offering benefits that provide:

  • Greater lightness.
  • Flexibility.
  • Breathability.
  • Not detectable in metal detection equipment.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Reduced fatigue.
  • Higher adherence to the sole.
  • Increased foot sensitivity and control.

Why choose it?

1Because it is by the Grupo Morón. It has a manufacturer's warranty and can rely on all its business clout.
2Because it is the best solution. It is the textile anti-perforation solution to the former steel insoles.
3Because you can apply a wide variety of treatments. In this way, the fabric’s properties can be complimented with fragrances such as eucalyptus or aloe vera, with healing abilities, treatments that increase its impermeability and breathability capacity.
4Because it is effective. The results of the test in independent laboratories guarantee the technical qualities of the technical fabric under the most demanding tests. Thus, compliance with the standards and its quality are guaranteed.


onProtector® is available in various versions:

  • Pro Tector Z® with ceramic treatment.
  • Pro Tector Z® electricity conductor.
  • Pro Tector Z® electrical insulator.
  • Pro Tector Z® CSA-US.


  • UNE-EN ISO 20345:2012 (Personal protective equipment. Safety footwear).
  • UNE-EN ISO 20346:2014 (Personal protective equipment. Protective footwear) .
  • UNE-EN ISO 20347:2013 (Personal protective equipment. Work footwear).
  • UNE-EN 12568:2011 (Foot and leg protectors. Requirements and test methods for toecaps and penetration resistant inserts).
  • UNE-EN 15090:2012 (Footwear for firefighters).
  • CSA US C Certifications.


onProtector® insoles have been specially developed for the manufacture of safety footwear, but have multiple applications in other sectors:

  • Safety.
  • Recreation.

Recommended treatments

This product can receive several of our treatments, depending on each sector’s requirements.

See complete list of Treatments.

The anti-perforation textile insole. Maximum protection and zero perforations